After a couple of tiring fundraiser walks on Saturday afternoon, I found myself driving from Coney Island back to my parents house in Loveland. My wife, mother, and infant son were along for the ride. We were all hungry after a morning filled with walking, so I suggested we stop for lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube in Milford. I never got around to trying this restaurant known for its wings even after they opened a location in a Denver suburb while we were living there. So it was on my list of places to try and our drive happened to take us right past it.

Outside Quaker Steak & Lube Milford

Upon our entry into the restaurant we were promptly seated at a table near the bar. This was the first thing that was surprising for me, as I always assumed it to be more of a counter order restaurant, similar to the way Buffalo Wild Wings is (or was). For starters I tried the house beer, even though I could find very little information about it. It appeared to be a light amber ale, but its lack of much taste was a little disappointing.

I then decided that I wanted to try the breaded boneless wings, and found a combination plate that was served with magna fries that was right up my alley. Magna fries are thick-cut fries smothered with cheddar-jack cheese and chunks of smoky bacon. I ordered my wings with the hot sauce, while my mom went with the tequila lime BBQ on her similar order. My wife ordered the breaded and grilled boneless wing platter, which was served with toasted pita and fresh steamed broccoli. She opted for the Thai ‘R’ Cracker and Louisiana Lickers sauces.

Boneless Hot Wings and Magna Fries

My initial impression of the boneless wings was that they weren’t as saucy as I was used to them being. Buffalo Wild Wings is known for drenching their wings in sauce, which I like.  However, these boneless wings appeared to be meatier than others I have had in the past. Without them being bathed in sauce, I don’t feel like the heat from the sauce really shined through like I wanted it to. If I were to dine in again I would definitely ask for some additional sauce.

As mentioned I didn’t think the hot was all that hot, though my mother and wife found it to be much spicier than their sauces.  I tried each of the others and really enjoyed the Thai ‘R’ Cracker and Louisiana Lickers.  Perhaps the Buckeye BBQ would have been a better choice for myself, which is described as a smooth, fiery, sweet BBQ.

The magna fries were good, but nothing out of the ordinary for loaded fries. One thing that was really cool were the toasted pita wedges that my wife was served with her plate. At first it seemed kind of strange, but then she realized that you can simply pick up the pita that is conveniently underneath one of the grilled boneless wings and eat it with your fingers without getting sauce all over them. Genius!

I don’t know that I will go out of my way to eat here again, especially since it seemed a little expensive to me, but overall the food was pretty good.

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