Saturday evening my wife and I found ourselves out in the burbs of Denver suddenly hungry for a bite to eat. After a couple of chain restaurnt suggestions from myself, she quickly suggested that we try Pizza Republica, a restaurant that she had visited during a lunch break at work. Despite the crowded parking garage for the new and growing Village Shops at The Landmark, we were able to find a close parking spot on the street near the restaurant. We were immediately seated upon entering and I quickly felt a little under-dressed in my baseball hat and t-shirt. I wasn’t expecting such well dressed clientele for a pizza shop.

Fresh Burrata

Our server took his time getting to us, which was okay as we looked through the rather extensive wine list. My only real complaint so far was that the cheapest glass of wine started at $7, which seemed a little high to me. Of course when we asked for a suggestion on a dry red wine, we were given $11 glasses of wine. After I had my second glass later in the meal it occurred to me that we could have shared a bottle for just a bit more. Oh well, lesson learned and the wine was very good. Our server also suggested the fresh burrata for an appetizer. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. This delicious cheese was served with fire roasted garlic & peppadews, fresh basil, and Crostini bread.

Half Pizza / Half Calzone

While enjoying our appetizer, we noticed quite a few pizzas coming out of the kitchen that looked like part of it was folded on top of itself. Our server later explained that it was a new dish that they were going to add to their menu soon. It was half pizza and half calzone. I don’t remember all the toppings, but the pizza is the meaty half with pepperoni, salami, etc. And the calzone is the veggie half with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, garlic, black olives (which we removed), etc. I thought that the pizza was pretty good, with a thin and tasty Neapolitan crust and even more fresh mozzarella. While the calzone was the real winner here as it was filled with even more of their delicious cheeses. Clearly my favorite part of the meal was all of their fresh cheese that is imported especially for them. Plus the food seems to be more fairly priced than the wine selections. And they have a two course lunch menu which is very affordable and would be my choice if I were to go back.

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