I was on my own for dinner last night, and after recently eating at all the restaurants near our house, I decided to go for a walk. I was on the lightrail heading north toward home and decided to get off at the Louisiana/Pearl station, one stop before my regular stop. I walked west on Louisiana toward Broadway aiming for Spicy Pickle, thinking that I would pickup a pizzetti (their version of a pizza). I arrived at the restaurant to realize that they close at 4pm, much earlier than my arrival time.

After walking along Broadway for a block or two and not finding anything else to eat, I walked back over towards Pearl and took a stroll south.  One of the first eateries I passed was a newer pizza place that I hadn’t yet tried, Kaos Pizza (new website badly needed), so I decided to give it a shot.  I remember reading that the restaurant was pretty much carry out and delivery only.  I did notice that there is a rather large patio in front of the small one room kitchen that provides some outdoor eating space.  Also, it looks like they are soon going to take over a neighboring building and offer some inside dining space, as well as a bar and beer garden (once the liquor license goes through).  This should definitely help improve the aspect of the restaurant that everyone seems to complain about, there are very few eat-in options.

I ordered the pepperoncini pizza, which is topped with tomato sauce, provolone & mozzarella, completely covered in pepperoni, tiny slivers of red onion, and obviously pepperoncini on top.  I was told it would take ten to thirteen minutes, and I was surprised when it was removed from the large pizza oven well under the fifteen minute mark.  I took my pizza to go, and ate the entire ten inch pie at home.  I must admit that I’m a big fan of Southern Italian Naples style pizza, and this pizza definitely hit the mark.  The crust was chewy and cooked perfectly, and the sauce had a bit of spice in it along with great tomato taste. The toppings were abundant, fresh, and tasty as well. I was very satisfied with my first Kaos pizza and I hope to have another soon.

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  1. Phil says:

    Ha, yeah the website is a little sparse. Possible barter in your future.

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